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Get educated

Stepfar provides a variety of resources to educate your staff about the technology they are using. A little understanding and training can help avoid technology issues and down-time as well as improve productivity and security.

Below you will find a variety of free resources available to you from Training Guides on improving security or using common software applications to a Tech Term Dictionary and a Sample Computer Use Policy.

Stepfar Best Practices Guides

Finding & Hiring a Tech Consultant 101:
A guide to the various questions & decisions needed for review in finding & hiring a technology firm for consulting & services. Topics include assessing your need for technology services, evaluating various technology firms and confidentiality.

How to come up with a strong and memorable passwords

Security Threats:
4 Main Types of Computer Security Threatss

Sample Computer Network and Internet Use Policy

Visit our “Tech Tips” area for more computer tips and fixes.