Microsoft 365 Backups

Microsoft 365 Backups Kent


Many businesses throughout the Kent, WA region believe using Microsoft 365 backup (formerly known as Office 365) is not necessary for accessing their documents. While there is security in knowing you won’t lose your data, Microsoft 365 backups are necessary for Kent users to have a guarantee of being able to recover data.

Our Microsoft 365 backups that we offer the Kent region ensures that you can restore your data quickly and meet the data retention requirements. Microsoft 365 backups will store your file, folders and applications for our Kent clients. When you have Microsoft 365 backups, you will get protection from:

  • File deletion with Microsoft 365 backups
  • Malicious insiders with Microsoft 365 backups
  • Departing employees with Microsoft 365 backups
  • Hackers with Microsoft 365 backups

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Microsoft 365 Backup Kent


Many businesses throughout Kent are moving to the cloud at a growing rate to support their remote work. With this accelerating move to the cloud, Kent businesses need Microsoft 365 backup to protect and backup their data. Protect your Kent business with Microsoft 365 backup so that you can always be able to restore your data when needed.

When you need to backup data from Microsoft 365, do not make the mistake of a do-it-yourself approach. Choose our service for Microsoft 365 backup as we can benefit Kent clients with:

  • Saving money with Microsoft 365 backup
  • Securing data with Microsoft 365 backup
  • Protecting data from ransomeware attack
  • Preventative maintenance with Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 Services Kent


Microsoft 365 is a flexible subscription plan that is quite popular throughout Kent and it’s surrounding communities. It can be difficult at times to monitor the performance of Microsoft 365 services and get immediate support when needed for your Kent business. For this reason, we provide Microsoft 365 services throughout the Kent region.

With our Microsoft 365 services that we have for Kent businesses, we help maximize your experience with Microsoft 365. We offer Microsoft 365 services that are compliant and make it easy to manage your business. We offer customized ways to improve the overall experience for you. Some of our Microsoft 365 services we have include:

  • Microsoft 365 services for SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365 services for OneDrive
  • Microsoft 365 services for email
  • Microsoft 365 services for backup
  • Microsoft Teams services

From migration to security to monitoring and so much more, we have support solutions that will only enchance your experience with Microsoft 365.

To learn more about our Microsoft 365 services that we have for the Kent region, get in touch with Stepfar Technology Group today.

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