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Stepfar Technology Group is one of the leading names you can count on for complete cybersecurity training in the Seattle, WA area. As businesses are shifting their focus to the online market, they also are open to many forms of cyber threats which can put their business and critical information in jeopardy. However, when your Seattle business employees have received proper training about cybersecurity, this protects you from such incidents.

With decades of experience and knowledge of the industry, we are here to provide your training in Seattle to deal with cyberattacks. All you have to do is contact us and our highly skilled team will schedule sessions with you. Let us help you with training in Seattle to prevent cyberattacks like:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • DDoS attack
  • SQL injection

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Cybersecurity Training Seattle


Our goal of providing quality cybersecurity training for your Seattle business is to prepare users to identify threats and how to defend against the cyberattacks. There are many factors that can also lead to such problems like insecure passwords and lack of awareness. We address everything when you come to us for excellent cybersecurity training in the Seattle region.

Proper cybersecurity training for your Seattle business will help you reduce the number of cyber vulnerabilities you have in the organization. It ensures that the productivity and the sense of reliability is never compromised within your business environment. Choose us when you want cybersecurity training for your Seattle business employees such as:

  • IT department
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Group training

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Cybersecurity Guidance Seattle


Proper cybersecurity guidance for your Seattle business ensures your devices are equipped with the latest upgrades. This also allows the security of the network to stay up to date at all times. For Seattle companies that are looking to strengthen their security and skills sets, we provide highly dependable cybersecurity guidance.

When you come to us for cybersecurity guidance in Seattle, we not only suggest the best technology but also help you with practices that protect your critical company information. We take all projects seriously and work closely with you to offer you personalized solutions to your IT security problems. So contact us when you want to stay prepared and know how to guard against cyberattacks. In addition to cybersecurity guidance for Seattle businesses, we also offer:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cloud services
  • Network management
  • IT consulting

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