Federal Compliance Support

Federal Compliance Support Seattle


The wide-ranging services offered by Stepfar Technology Group as a managed service provider include providing federal compliance support in Seattle, WA. In the technology and data driven world of today, IT security is a major concern to address. The government and regulatory agencies have created certain laws to protect against data breaches.

We offer federal compliance support to Seattle companies, enabling them to comply with these regulations. Since adhering to the latest regulatory technology requirements is an ongoing process, so is our federal compliance support for Seattle clients.

Our company provides federal compliance support in Seattle for businesses from different industries. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements for:

  • Federal compliance solutions
  • IT compliance management
  • Regulatory compliance solutions
  • IT security and compliance support

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HIPAA Compliance Seattle


Our company specializes in helping with HIPAA compliance requirements in Seattle. We have long experience in providing managed IT services to organizations in the healthcare sector. Ensuring HIPAA compliance by our Seattle clients is a major part of our responsibilities towards them.

The federal HIPAA act sets the standards for protection of sensitive patient data or protected health information (PHI). We help with HIPAA compliance for our Seattle clients in every possible way.

Come to us if your business requires HIPAA compliance in Seattle. With our exceptional IT capabilities and thorough knowledge of HIPAA, we can be trusted for seamless services and support for HIPAA compliance by healthcare organizations like yours. We make sure that your business has:

  • HIPAA compliant website
  • Gmail HIPAA compliant
  • Google Drive HIPAA compliant
  • HIPAA compliant cloud drive
  • Dropbox HIPAA compliant
  • HIPAA compliant Zoom

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Federal HIPAA Seattle


Our federal HIPAA services in Seattle are delivered by seasoned, diligent professionals. As an ethical and client-centric MSP, we take absolutely no chances when it comes to ensuring federal HIPAA security of Seattle healthcare businesses that utilize our services.

You, as our customer in Seattle, should be able to focus on running your business without continually worrying about the quality of federal compliance support. There are no unexpected risks to deal with when you hire our federal HIPAA services in Seattle.

We do everything required to ensure that your organization operates in total compliance with the:

  • HIPAA privacy rules
  • HIPAA federal law
  • Federal HIPAA regulations
  • Patient privacy laws

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