Initial IT Consultation

What is Stepfar Technology Overview?

Stepfar’s Technology Overview is for executives and managers who are looking for strategic insight regarding how best to deploy technology to support their business goals.

How quickly can I get a Stepfar Technology Overview appointment?

It may take up to one week before we can get a qualified consultant to your office, but you can also get an appointment as early as the next day.

Is there any charge for the initial IT consultation?

The initial consultation is FREE. At the initial consultation, we would like to discuss the current state of your technology and processes, your business objectives and timeframe as well as review concepts and technology options that would meet your goals and needs. There is no obligation to hire us after the initial consultation or proposal receipt.

How long does the initial consultation last?

The initial consultation lasts typically one hour. It may be under or go over an hour depending on the work that needs to be done and the type of objectives you have for your company.

What deliverables do I receive after the consultation?

You will receive a proposal from us outlining products or services that we feel you will need based upon our discussion at the initial consultation. You may also ask us to revise the proposal as you see fit. We may also send you sample agreements based on our assessment of your company’s technological needs.

If I’m not sure after the initial consultation, can I make a second appointment?

Yes, you may make a second appointment after the initial consultation. You will be charged on an hourly basis for the second appointment, though there is no obligation to Stepfar if you decide not to implement the solutions discussed or proposed.

How long do I have to decide?

You have as long as you would like to decide. Technology moves at a fast pace though, so it is best not to wait too long. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.