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Thank you for your interest in a career at Stepfar.

Below is the hiring equation we use to find all of the best candidates and make them team members at Stepfar. If you think you fit the equation below, and are interested in working with us, please click here to view all of our open career opportunities and submit your resumes and cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stepfar’s Equation for Hiring and Finding the Best!

Stepfar is not an easy company to gain entrance to. All candidates past, present and future are hired on three qualifications that have been proven effective at helping us find the best employees to take part in the business we all love. The magic equation for a candidate at Stepfar is the following:

1. Cultural Fit – The culture that has been created at Stepfar is one of the most coveted aspects of the business. Anyone who is considered to join the organization should encompass the three listed characteristics below that make up the culture established at Stepfar.

Servants Heart:

    • Follows the golden rule
    • Adheres to basic principles
    • Treats other with respect
    • Puts others first
    • Demonstrates proactive customer service
    • Embrace the Stepfar family

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

    • Work hard
    • Desire to be the best
    • Be courageous
    • Display a sense of urgency
    • Persevere
    • Innovate
    • Always “drinking from the firehose”
    • Fun Loving Attitude
    • Have FUN!
    • Don’t take yourself too seriously
    • Maintain perspective (balance)
    • Celebrate Successes
    • Enjoy your work
    • Be a Team player
    • Communicate, communicate, communicate

2. People Skills – This is a talent that some people have and some people don’t, but at Stepfar it is a necessity. One mantra that we always use is “People first, technology second”. What does and always will make us the best in the industry is having the ability to solve and address the people problem as well as the technology problem.

3. Critical Thinking Skills – Nobody knows everything, it’s how you use what you do know. Critical thinking skills are your ability to bridge the gap between what you do and do not know, in order to come up with a solution, or strategy to find a solution.

4. Job Skills – Job skills at Stepfar include a proven interest in the nature or main functions of the job as well as some related experience, and an intense desire to learn and grow. The first two qualifications listed above (cultural fit and people skills) are natural talents that one has or does not have inherently. This 4th part of the equation is something that we can teach.

If you are a cultural fit, have the inherent people skills required, and have a interest and some work or life experiences in the main functions of the job, a desire to learn and be the best, and ability to think critically… then you are a fit for the organization.

Current Openings:

Help Desk
Network Engineer