Your online presence

Stepfar Specializes in helping small businesses establish an online presence that they can capitalize on. More and more businesses are realizing that their website has the potential of doing more than just presenting information about their company. They are also realizing that creating an effective website is just part of the challenge the main challenge is driving traffic to the site. The following is our methodology on how we help businesses capitalize on their online presence.


This is where we help you create a website that will effectively communicate the message you want to get across to your market. This may require assistance in everything from a marketing strategy to web design.


Once your presence is established, the challenge is to drive traffic to the site. This is where search engine optimization (SEO), adwords and social media come into play. These processes often take time to develop and requires attention on a regular basis to be truly effective.


Now that your website is getting the desired amount of traffic it is now time to put in place processes that converts the traffic into leads. The design and the massaging are the keys to conversion optimization.


This process is crucial to the success of your website. Measuring the activity on your site will allow you to focus additional attention on the areas that are effective. We can help you do this by bringing expertise in Google Analytics, conversion optimization, social monitoring and brand management.

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