Hosted Backup Solutions

Hosted Backup Solutions

Be one step ahead of trouble

Businesses of all sizes have become increasingly dependent on data for the very existence of the company. Whether it is a large financial institution with transactional data or a 10-person Dental clinic with valuable client records, business assets are increasingly represented in the form of the data we maintain.

The business risk of losing this data or having an outage for an extended period of time is well documented and for the most part, well understood. There is also an increasing awareness that responsible business protection also includes moving data to a safe offsite location. This is often the case for areas that are prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. However, to the businesses they affect, greater risk exists in the less publicized, but equally damaging events such as fire, power outages, theft and hardware malfunction. As a result, with cloud based services maturing, the return on investment (ROI) and benefits of cloud based backup and recovery are far too great to ignore.

Stepfar takes pride in staying on top of the cloud computing industry. With our expertise and with proper planning and collaboration we can help you determine the right data protection strategy for your business. Data disaster protection comes in many shapes and sizes. The correct backup for your business may not be what is best for a company like Boeing. Developing your data protection strategy does not have to be complicated, but it does need to be planned out carefully.

Proper planning requires clear answers to several critical questions, and the questions are the same regardless of the size of the business:

  • What functions of the business are imperative to generating revenue?
  • What functions are imperative to normal operations?
  • Which functions are less imperative, but still important to the business?

The answers to these questions help determine minimally acceptable timeframes to recover from a failure and how much data loss is acceptable. As individual organizations stop addressing data protection in generalities and start putting real timeframes and assigning real priorities to specific functions, the need for practical, affordable disaster recovery solutions becomes clear. This is where Stepfar and cloud based hosted backup solutions come into play. Contact us today and see how we can deliver peace of mind to the age old problem of backing up the systems.