About Us

The Stepfar Story

Stepfar Technology Group is a leading IT service provider for businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Stepfar offers Managed IT services, IT consulting, and a suite of cloud-based services. We have been helping businesses with their technology needs for over two decades and have evolved both our company and service offerings to best suit the needs of our clients. Over the years our service offering have evolved to best accommodate the ever changing ways that businesses use technology but how we deliver service has remained consistent. Strong relationships, great service and affordable rates have always been the foundation on how we deliver our offerings.

We feel that outsourced IT should bring with it a certain sense of elegance in addressing the technology needs of the client. Businesses today require more than just a “tech” to assist them with all the various technology options that are available to them. As more and more services become available via the cloud and businesses become even more reliant on mobile devices it is imperative that organizations have proper support in place to make sure that they receive the benefits of increased productivity and efficiency that these solutions offer without sacrificing stability and security. It takes an in depth understanding of the business and their needs to effectively align such technology to help companies meet their business goals and objectives. This usually requires a team of professionals that can address not only technology but business processes, security, compliance and continuity. Stepfar provides a team of professionals to aid businesses in all these areas but without the huge consulting fees that usually accompany such services. Our goal is make it so that adopting new technology and getting ongoing IT support is as easy and affordable as possible. This is what Stepfar is all about.